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The health and well-being of animals has always been near and dear to Flo’s heart. Since she can remember, she has always known that being actively involved in pet health was the path she meant to travel. After completing her Master’s degree in Animal Nutrition and working as a pet nutritionist at a local natural pet supply store, “Crude Carnivore” was born. With an avid interest in nutrition, she has fed her pets Hurley, Marvin, Ovie & Clem the way nature intended for years and now spends everyday spreading food awareness to as many pet owners as possible.

Since 2017 Flo has educated pet owners in their path to healthier, well-balanced companions and found pure joy in seeing the positive changes that come with a diet switch that aligns with the carnivorous approach. Flo has taken efforts into her hands and combined her passion for wagging tails and well-rounded nutrition by focusing on natural foods and supplements that help your pets thrive.

Flo’s dedication to building only the healthiest bowl makes for rich, beneficial products you can trust, that improve immune strength, hydrate and offer better gut stability. Made in small batches and hand-bottled in her kitchen, each bottle of Crude Carnivore bone broth is filled with the care and love that your pet deserves.

We are excited about what the future has in store as our brand grows into providing well-rounded nutrition for your pets. Thank you for being a part of our tail wagging journey - we are excited you’re here!

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