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Crude Carnivore bone broth is handcrafted and lovingly simmered in southern Illinois. Our bones are sourced from local grass-fed farms and our herbs, vegetables and mushrooms are always organically grown without pesticides or herbicides.

We craft golden goodness that can provide powerful health benefits for your pets liver and joints, skin + coat, immune system and digestion.

Our broth makes a super tasty bowl topper for dry food, acts as an easy hydrator for freeze-dried or dehydrated foods and makes a delicious bowl enhancer for those raw fed pups. You can also use it as a healing treat.

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Our Ingredients

All ingredients are sourced with purpose to support your pet on their health journey from the fun puppy stage, through the adventurous days of adulthood and especially in those golden senior moments.

We believe in using only the cleanest ingredients meaning no pesticides or herbicides and sourcing our bones from farms that make it their priority to raise happy animals that soak in all the vitamin D, live on luscious pastures or play in the mud, and know love through it all.

All ingredients are locally sourced to provide your pets with most nutritious broth, and giving us a chance to support small businesses like our own, along the way.

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Bone broth is handcrafted and lovingly simmered in
southern Illinois.

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