Our NEW broth!🍄

It's finally here and sorry for the long period of teasers.

Yes, this one took almost a whole year. Mostly because we wanted to test it out and see how palatable it was and if dogs enjoy it but also because I was FREAKING out. 

Mushrooms are all the hype right now and for good reason. Their health benefits are so incredible and so I knew I wanted to have this available for a few years, but like anything worth doing, it just takes time. But it is finally here and I am so happy to introduce our Mushroom Broth to you!

A broth like this does not exist in the pet industry (as far as I know) and mushrooms have unbelievable healing power helping promote immunity, skin and coat health, digestion and cognitive function. Being someone to do something first is so HARD and scary. I let fear hold me back (as I do with quite a few things, I have to admit) and just kind of waiting around until I got the courage to push through and make it happen. 

We formulated this broth with ultimate health and longevity in mind. We picked functional mushrooms that truly improve bodily functions and are incredible added to your dogs wellness routine. Our veggies and herbs also help fuel the body while also gently detoxing the blood and liver. And of course, all of them are organically grown to avoid exposing your fuzzball to unnecessary chemicals. 

Below is a break down of the benefits of the ingredient panel. I sure hope you are as excited as me about this bone broth and that your dog enjoys it as much as ours have. 

As always, thank YOU for your support and love for this small business. None of this would be possible without you. 

All the tail wags,



Shiitake Mushrooms

These popular mushrooms are incredible for promoting immunity. They also contain lentinan which increases killer T cells. They reduce inflammation, have cancer fighting properties and powerful antioxidants to preserve cellular health. Shiitake also have linoleic acid which Is rich In omega-6 fatty acids to support heart health.

Oyster Mushrooms

An awesome source of protein and fiber, these mushrooms contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants. They also have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce joint pain and discomfort. They also promote gut health and digestions.

Lion's Mane Mushrooms

Known for their fuzzy texture, Lion's Mane Is a powerhouse mushroom that has been used for thousands of years for It's healing powers, but especially their ability to stimulate nerve growth, protecting the myelin sheath and supporting eye health.

Kombu aka Seaweed 

This superfood Is an Incredible source of vitamins and minerals and also Is known for its support of the liver, stomach and kidney. It is also known for acting as natural fungicide. It has been used In broths for hundreds of years and provides an extra nutritional boost for your pets.


Often thought of as toxic to our dogs, garlic Is actually a powerhouse nutrient with incredible healing properties. It can help Improve circulation and helps detoxify the body by supporting beneficial bacteria and flushing out harmful ones. It also helps break down harmful substances, giving the liver a much needed break.

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